We stand by the curious lot

Our Story

Born out of Creativeland Asia's philosophy of "Good Creative Upbringing", YoungCreative is a community that gives that philosophy a tangible form. We are a support system for the young and the creative; standing for the innovative youth of the world who wish to celebrate their work and grow to their maximum potential.
YoungCreative hopes to inspire young minds by providing them with a platform to nurture their talent. It brings the creative youth of the country together so that they better understand creativity and the method behind the madness.
Long story short- we are here for the young creative minds that are in search of answers.
Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder and Creative Chairman, Creativeland Asia, has always been of the opinion that if creative individuals are provided with the right opportunities and guidance early on in life,
they will mature into radical discoverers, thinkers and doers. YoungCreative is Raj’s way of giving back to creativity for everything creativity has given him.


The root of YoungCreative lies firm in a few ideologies that define us. These idealogies help us stay true to our work and ourselves.



We always stand by the curious lot. Everything great in this world is a product of someone saying, "Hey! What if..."

Change Makers

Change Makers

Our goal lies in encouraging the youth to use their creativity for a greater cause. If we think about it, the youth of the world is the largest army. Armed with an open-mind and
a lateral system, we could change the way people use the process of creativity to deal with issues affecting us all.

Collaboration & Co-creation

Collaboration & Co-creation

Collaboration lies at the heart of YoungCreative. As the world comes closer, barriers are broken and knowledge is shared. Creation is a two-way street and the carnival on that street needs more people to add to the magic.



Networking with people is the best way to find opportunities, mentors, and valuable advice. We want to encourage this by acting as enablers for networking between young creatives and people who have seen more summers.



At Creativeland Asia, we don't work. We belong.
Similarly, everyone that collaborates, joins or interacts with YoungCreative becomes part of the community that comes together in the name of free-thinking and liberal form of thought.



The trick lies in finding the balance between the ability to brainstorm together and in isolation. To be outrageous
but remain grounded. To never cage even the remotest possibility.


We've curated programs and events that holistically approach your quest for creative fulfillment.
These platforms are for those young wandering souls who have the urge to paint the world with
a new colour but have little clue where to start.

Portfolio Lab

For all those fresh-faced newbies with a wobbly creative intuition and a student portfolio under your arms, Portfolio Lab is what the mad scientists would have come up with if they weren't busy blowing stuff up.

An advice tool for young creatives looking for tips, insider insight and honest answers from some of the best in the industry.

At the Portfolio Lab, your portfolio goes "under the scope" of some of the best creative minds in the industry. Along with getting your portfolio reviewed, this platform
is an amazing opportunity to network and socialize with your peers and a chance to exchange thoughts and ideas.

To apply, send in your portfolio / work to becurious@youngcreative.org

The Mentorship Program

Designed for young creatives who find themselves at
the brink of creative brilliance and wish for someone to guide them to their maximum potential, the YoungCreative Mentorship program aims at a healthy interaction between an eager protégé and an interested coach. Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.
To provide us with a canvas, we have brought on board NGO partners who are in need of creative solutions. Under the guidance of your mentor, you will create and execute socially relevant projects, learning from real challenges with real professionals for real results and consequences.

To apply, or for more information, please email:

Note: The mentorship program is currently open to students within art, design, communication, writing and photography

Internship Program

The YoungCreative internship program is intended to
fill the visible creative gap in the education system.

Since we believe that everyone is creative, this program is open to all who own a lateral view on things.

Young creatives would be selected through an application procedure and would be filtered on the basis of creativity, passion and enthusiasm.

All selected Young Creatives work as a team within the organization and learn on the job.

"Learning by doing" is one of the apexes of the YoungCreative Internship program. A concept that involves hands on work and first hand insights into what it really feels like.

Creative meetups

Creative meet-ups are monthly collaborative events for anyone in the creative sphere, from YCO or outside of it. These events could be anything- an interactive workshop, seminar or creative thinkers coming together. To keep updated, drop in your name and E-mail below so you can be part of the upcoming creative meet-ups.

Say Hey

Get to know what we are up to by dropping in your name and E-mail id below. We'd love to address any questions or doubts that you may have regarding YoungCreative or any of our programs. Stay in touch!